Certificates and Invoices

You can download your presenter certificate, author certificate, attendee certificate, reviewer certificate, session chair certificate and registration invoice through your EDAS account.

  1. The certificate for presenters is generated on each paper page:
  • Author and presenter certificates can be found in My…:My papers:

If the person is a presenter for the paper, they will get the presenter certificate via the link. If they are an author, but not the presenter, they will get the author certificate only.

  • Session chair certificates can find the certificate on their My…:Chairing page.
  • Reviewer certificates can find the certificate on their My…:My reviews page.
  • Session chair certificates can find on their My…:Chairing, using the certificate icon in the column labeled “Email to authors / session sheets / certificates”.
  • To print the Attendee certificate (post conference), click on the  icon next to the PAID icon for the registration payment (“Registration payments”) on your home page.
  • To generate your payment invoice, you will see an icon in the Register menu item, under Registration payments, in the “Invoice or receipt” column